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Build Hope, Not Walls

I'm Thrilled To Be Part of the Build Hope, Not Walls Artist Roster!

Build Hope, Not Walls will bring together 150 artists from across the United States, into one art exhibit being held in October at the Big Medium Gallery in Austin, TX.

150 artists coming together to help immigrants and refugees.

Each artist is creating a brick, a unique work of art, representing their individuality
and as a reminder of how everyone has something unique to contribute to Society

By making a donation or purchasing a brick, you can help us reach our goal of $60,000 dollars. All of the proceeds will go towards helping our partnering non-profit organizations. Our hope is to make a positive impact in the lives of immigrants and refugees, by giving them a fighting chance to survive or a fresh start.

Gabe Langholtz Talks About His Art

Want to know what it was that propelled me toward artistic pursuits?  Check out my interview with Actor & Novelist Stephen Jared.
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